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NetBuild: Network Installations

We specialize in designing and building network infrastructure for a wide range of administrative, industrial, and other specific premises. BeeInside's professional data cabling installation ensures seamless and efficient connectivity, enabling your business to operate at peak performance. 

We understand that in today's digital age, a reliable network infrastructure is not just about connectivity - it's about creating a foundation for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.


Data Cabling

Professional installation of various categories of data cabling, ensuring reliable and high-speed data transmission to support growing data needs

Optic Cabling

Installation of fiber optic cabling for high bandwidth, long-distance connectivity, and future scalability

Wireless Networks

Design and implementation of secure wireless networking solutions, including deployment of wireless access points

Full Testing Surveys

Comprehensive test surveys to assess network infrastructure performance and reliability using advanced testing equipment

Benefits for you

Improved Network Performance

Better network performance and reduced downtime

Greater Efficiency & Reduced Costs

Get better network performance and reduce ongoing expenses

Customized Solutions

Services tailored to your specific needs and industry

Seamless Integration

We coordinate with contractors during installation, ensuring our solutions align with your building's internal architecture for a hassle-free experience.

Future-Proof Solutions

We use quality components from reputable manufacturers, guaranteeing long-term, trouble-free functionality and easy expandability.

Easy Onboarding

We'll seamlessly integrate with your systems, and can begin your project in no time

Competitive Pricing, Superior Service

We offer high-quality IT support at competitive rates

Flexible & Comprehensive IT Solutions

From Smart Hands to complex IT issues, our team is equipped to handle any challenge, ensuring your business runs smoothly

Established & Reliable

A strong track record of more than 20 years providing reliable IT support to businesses across Central Europe

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NetBuild Services

BeeInside NetBuild is a range of services designed to ensure your business has a robust and reliable network infrastructure

Data Cabling

We offer professional installation of various categories of data cabling such as CAT 5E, CAT 6, CAT 6A/10G, CAT 7 and CAT 7AFiber. These cabling solutions ensure reliable and high-speed data transmission within the network infrastructure and enable businesses to support their growing data needs.

Optic Cabling

We install fiber optic cabling in businesses that offer high bandwidth and long-distance connectivity. Fiber optic cabling enables businesses to transmit large volumes of data at higher speeds and with greater reliability compared to traditional copper cabling. It is ideal for organizations that require high-speed connectivity and future scalability.

Wireless Networks

We design and implement wireless networking solutions that provide reliable and secure wireless connectivity throughout the enterprise. This includes deploying wireless access points and security measures to ensure seamless wireless communications and IoT devices.

Full testing surveys with certification and protocols

We offer comprehensive test surveys to assess the performance and reliability of the network infrastructure. This involves the use of advanced testing equipment Ekahau Pro a Sidekick to measure signal strength, bandwidth, and network quality.

At BeeInside we understand that your IT needs are unique, and so we tailor our services to seamlessly meet your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide the strategic services you need to achieve your business goals and strengthen your company's growth.

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