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Smart IT Outsourcing

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Smart IT Outsourcing

  • We will take over responsibility for your entire IT or defined areas
  • We are happy to help you with HelpDesk and Service Desk, Inventory Management, Lifecycle Management, Network Infrastructure Planning


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  • Comprehensive IT Solutions
  • Skilled and Specialized IT Professionals
  • We specialize in Disaster Recovery Plans, data storage, IT Security, and network management. 
  • Remote and Onsite Support Services

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IT Smart outsourcing is a strategic approach that provides customers with assistance and solutions to IT-related problems remotely and on-site.

  • Remote and on-site support: We troubleshoot and resolve your technical problems remotely, usually through phone, email, or with TeamViewer and QuickSupport tools but also on-site with the delivery of our experienced technician.
  • HelpDesk and Service Desk: We provide IT-related support. We resolve issues related to Software Support, using remote and on-site. End-user support includes comprehensive technical assistance and tips for using systems effectively.
  • Inventory Management: We focus on the management and monitoring of IT resources. Management and support of mobile devices, printers and networks, software distribution and maintenance. We are also happy to help you with project management. Our experienced engineers will oversee the planning, implementation and completion of IT projects.
  • Lifecycle management: We ensure effective management of IT services throughout their lifecycle. We help with administration and IT monitoring. We manage mobile devices, printers and networks, software distribution and maintenance.
  • IT security: We also provide IT security, which includes implementing protocol measures to protect IT systems, networks and data from unauthorized access or cyber threats.
  • Data storage and backup policies: We teach you storage policies and regular data backup procedures to ensure your important data is stored safely and securely in the future. We will also plan and implement disaster recovery.
  • Network infrastructure planning: We strategically design the implementation of the network infrastructure. We provide installation and maintenance of your servers and storage. Network management includes monitoring, maintenance and optimization of network performance and reliability. Network infrastructure monitoring helps us in continuous monitoring and early detection of any issues or anomalies in your network.
  • IT project management: We take responsibility for project management. Our experienced engineers oversee the planning, execution and completion of IT projects.
Remote and onsite support services are crucial components of IT support that ensure businesses have the necessary technical assistance to address issues and maintain smooth operations.