On-site Dispatch services involve sending skilled technicians to the location where support or assistance is needed

On-site Dispatch services

We offer On-site Dispatch services, ensuring prompt and efficient deployment of skilled professionals to address IT issues and provide support directly at the client's location.

IT Field Service

On-site Dispatch services

  • Deliver top-notch White Label IT services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Central Europe, ensuring superior quality and customized solutions for our clients.
  • Our highly skilled Service Desk professionals provide exceptional IT support, resolving issues and offering guidance to ensure a seamless experience for our clients.


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  • Prompt Response and Timely Resolution

  • 24/7 On-site Support
  • From Smart Hands to Skilled Engineers

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We offer flexible and fast delivery

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  3. Project planning and completion

IT Field Service offers comprehensive on-site support and services for Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Central Europe businesses.

  1. Onsite Dispatch services: Our qualified technicians are dispatched to your IT problems. They perform Break-fix, IMAC, Staging, ...
  2. End-user support: We provide our clients with fast and reliable IT assistance. We also support clients with home-office employees (Work From Home Support) and provide technical assistance to ensure they are productive and connected to the entire team.
  3. Inventory management: We manage inventories, including printers and everything you need.
  4. FTE and Backfill
  5. PC Migrations: We plan and execute migrations of personal computers to new hardware or software systems.
  6. Data Center Support: We assist and troubleshoot data center operations and infrastructure issues.
  7. Racking and stacking: We provide on-site technical support for racking and stacking, servers, network equipment and backup devices.
  8. Infrastructure and Servers installation and support: We deploy and maintain infrastructure and servers to ensure optimal performance.
  9. Retail POS Support: We provide technical support for point-of-sale systems used in a retail environment.
  10. Installations of Audiovisual Devices: We set up and configure audiovisual equipment for various needs.
  11. Project Management: We manage and coordinate projects to ensure their successful completion within established goals.
  12. Logistics services: We help with logistics services. We offer consignment storage and HW/SW delivery.
Overall, on-site dispatching services offer companies the convenience of having qualified technical support on-site when needed.